Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

new clothes incoming

Right now, I have this amazing skirt coming my way:

and details

My inner my little pony freak is having a heart attack when looking at this skirt. I would get one of the jsks but my chest is a wee bit bigger then what is suppose to fit in it :(

Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

new forever 21 head bands

Last night I rampaged through my local forever 21's hair band section. I came out with 4 new hair bands. Also I apologize in advance for the bed hair :3

First, a black side bow hair band.

And worn

then a white/cream hair bow band

And worn(I need to re-color my hair so badly :/)

The last a floral like hair band
In black

In grey/purple
And worn

All together, these bands cost me $20 and some change.

Friday, September 25, 2009

new clothes coming

A few days QCUTE updated their journal with a new brand called princutess. With the new brand came a one piece that was perfect in order to feed my sudden lust for anything mint. The one piece in question is this chandelier print mint one piece:

(this is the op in blue)
At a cost of $110, which includes shipping and making it in a bigger size, I had to. Now all I have to do is wait for it to show up on my doorstep.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dolls and Pullips

Another subject I will be writing about is dolls. I love dolls, my favorite toys growing up were always dolls. Even at an older age than most girls that play with dolls, I still collect them. Except I don't play in a doll house with them, I collect them. My doll drug of choice are Pullips:
Pullip seller Valley of the dolls has the best description blurb about these dolls:
"Pullip is a fashion doll that expresses today’s present feeling. She stands 30cm tall (about 12 inches), and she is fully articulated. Pullip can open and close her eyes, and look side to side. A new Pullip Fashion doll is issued every month. Each doll comes with a unique outfit and accessories, trading card and a doll stand. Pullip means, “leaf” (young) in Korean. "

I have 3 of these dolls myself

What draws me to these dolls is the fact that they are so customizable. From their wigs down to even changing the type of body they have. You could basically break down a pullip and build it back up to meet your own needs.

The only type of customizing I have ever done is with my Pullip Alice(originally a craziia):

The original wig she came with looks beautiful in pictures, but in person it was a nightmare. The wig wasn't fully attached to her head. Plus the wig had bald spots, making it impossible to style. So I decided to customize my newest girl. I bought a wig off of ebay. When the wig came I swapped it using this tutorial. Here is my end result:
My beautiful Alice with a cute blonde bob. I'll eventually have to obitsu her since she has severe body staining and a couple loose limbs.

Since I gave Alice a decent amount of attention in this post, I should post pictures of the other two members of my family.

and Coraline(who was a my first Pullip)

Morning post

Good morning ^_^

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boot review post

As the weather around here gets cooler, I get into winter shopping mode. Around this time last year I was shopping around for a good winter boot. Boots have become a nescessity to me for winter wear. Since my college campus often gets very cold and very icy. And flats just don't cut it for me after say....October.

The first pair I'm going to review is my newest boot purchase, so they haven't been tried out in the cold or ice yet. I am going to review these cute Liz Baker booties that I bought off of ebay a few weeks ago:

Like I said before, I haven't tried them out in the cold. But I have tested them by wearing them to work. They work wonders for my feet, especially when I am standing in a video game store for hours on end. I love that they have a little soft heel, which gives so much support for my poor abused feet. Apart from being cute, they are very functional. Jcpenny carries this exact boot on their website for $44.99:

Now the second pair I'm going to review are my precious Dr. Martens.

As you can see, I've abused them over the time that I've had them. But foor good reason. I got these for my birthday last October, and wore them from then until May. Everyday! They are, without a doubt, my favorite pair of shoes. They are really good for the winter because the bottoms have good traction for walking on icy ground. These boots also have a lining that makes your feet extra toasty and dry when it snows. Apart from being practical for the winter, they are very comfortable for work situations. I slipped a pair of athletic insoles to add a little bit of extra support, and it worked wonders. The boots are flexible enough that they move nicely when I climb up and down ladders.
Zappos carries these boots at a retail price of $129

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sailor Moon in my body line, Body line in my sailor moon?

I was tickled pink to find this in Body line's new arrivals section today.

They never cease to amaze me.

Embarassing first loli purchases

We all have them. It's the first pieces we see that make us say "This will be my first loli piece." and in my case was followed by "And it's so cheap as well." Maid dresses with cheap lace, horrible lace monsters from ebay, and even fetish wear. At one point in the beginning stages of fascination with lolita, we look at something like this and go "I think I can make that work."

Here is my "I think I can make that work" moment:

Pictures don't do justice to how horrible this dress really is.

I bought it 2 years ago from a website called chinatowner. It was cheap and lolita looking(to me at that point). When it arrived to my house I was horrified to find that I basically bought a itchy lace nylon mess.

As much as I hate it, I still have it. I don't wear. But I keep it around to remind me to never buy something that looks like that ever again. I've even tried to turn it into a halloween costume last year.

Embarassing lolita purchases are often learning experiences. And I think they're vital, at least for me it was, in learning the fashion and learning what is and isn't lolita.

Friday, September 18, 2009

WTF Innocent world!?!

Dear Innocent World,
You know I love you so much. Even with your weird fascination with wood animals. But wtf is this?:

I heard you liked floral print, so I put floral print in your floral print

Bodyline item reviews

Since there are never enough bodyline reviews out there.

Over the past 2 months, I have made 2 seperate orders with the "lolita"(I put it in quotations since for the most part it sells cheap lolita clothing. But there are entire sections devoted to often hilarious fetish wear and cosplay). The clothing is cheap, but the shipping fees are killer. Most of the time, you get more bang for your buck shipping wise, by joining a group order. But with large group orders, you run the risk of getting hit with customs fees. The shipping on both orders almost doubled the price of what I was buying.

For the first order. I ordered this bodyline skirt

And the bag that matches it

The skirt was $22 and the bag was $11. But the shipping fees jacks up the total to $57, yikes. What I likeat they about bodyline, is they give you the option to have the price declaration marked down 25% or even 50% to avoid trouble with customs. Being customs paranoid myself, I picked for my packaged to be marked down 50%

I made my order with Bodyline on a Sunday night, and received my items Wednesday afternoon. Pretty fast for a package coming halfway across the world. The items were packaged in a plastic bag with a bodyline zip like bag inside of that. Like this:
And the inner bag
Upon opening each item I found that the items had a weird chemical smell to them. I figure this was probably from being tightly packaged in plastic. But the smell does fade after a few hours.

The first item is the skirt. The fabric isn't thin, but it's not exactly the tickest material either. The ties on the back are detachable with buttons. The length of the skirt is nice. The waist band rests very tightly at first on my natural waist, and the skirt ends just about knee length.
I'm very happy with this skirt. Apart from the initial really tight elastic waist band, it's a really good skirt for cheap.

The second item is the tote bag. The bag is pretty big, which I did not expect from the pictures. It seems to be made from a thicker material from the skirt. The only down side to the bag is the straps. They are cheap soft plasticy material that seem like they could break easily.

Please excuse my messy bed :3

Overall I am very happy with this purchase.

My second bodyline purchase was made just last week. I purchased this skirt(because I've been drooling all over myself since I saw it on the website):

It was marked down to $17 because of the Mr. Yan birthday sale.

The same thing for shipping goes for my previous order. Except the shipping was more than half the price of the skirt, bleh. When the packaged arrived at my house, I tore it open like a kid tearing through the wrapping of his first nintendo system at christmas.

Now for a review of the skirt itself:
As with the previous skirt, this falls right at knee level. The waist is a bit higher than the other one. The day after I bought it, I wore it to work. And found at the end of the night, that the skirt I had been drooling over, had turned into a nightmare. I'm simply going to list the problems I had with it:
-Threads popping out
-Cheap plastic boning that bent after 10 minutes of use
-Corset thread that wouldn't tighten
-The back of the skirt being much shorted than the front(I even had my mom check to see if I had it on straight and the problem was just one of my "hur hur dur" fashion moments)
if I had know that this skirt was going to give me this many problems, I would've saved my $57 and bought something else.