Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boot review post

As the weather around here gets cooler, I get into winter shopping mode. Around this time last year I was shopping around for a good winter boot. Boots have become a nescessity to me for winter wear. Since my college campus often gets very cold and very icy. And flats just don't cut it for me after say....October.

The first pair I'm going to review is my newest boot purchase, so they haven't been tried out in the cold or ice yet. I am going to review these cute Liz Baker booties that I bought off of ebay a few weeks ago:

Like I said before, I haven't tried them out in the cold. But I have tested them by wearing them to work. They work wonders for my feet, especially when I am standing in a video game store for hours on end. I love that they have a little soft heel, which gives so much support for my poor abused feet. Apart from being cute, they are very functional. Jcpenny carries this exact boot on their website for $44.99:

Now the second pair I'm going to review are my precious Dr. Martens.

As you can see, I've abused them over the time that I've had them. But foor good reason. I got these for my birthday last October, and wore them from then until May. Everyday! They are, without a doubt, my favorite pair of shoes. They are really good for the winter because the bottoms have good traction for walking on icy ground. These boots also have a lining that makes your feet extra toasty and dry when it snows. Apart from being practical for the winter, they are very comfortable for work situations. I slipped a pair of athletic insoles to add a little bit of extra support, and it worked wonders. The boots are flexible enough that they move nicely when I climb up and down ladders.
Zappos carries these boots at a retail price of $129

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