Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dolls and Pullips

Another subject I will be writing about is dolls. I love dolls, my favorite toys growing up were always dolls. Even at an older age than most girls that play with dolls, I still collect them. Except I don't play in a doll house with them, I collect them. My doll drug of choice are Pullips:
Pullip seller Valley of the dolls has the best description blurb about these dolls:
"Pullip is a fashion doll that expresses today’s present feeling. She stands 30cm tall (about 12 inches), and she is fully articulated. Pullip can open and close her eyes, and look side to side. A new Pullip Fashion doll is issued every month. Each doll comes with a unique outfit and accessories, trading card and a doll stand. Pullip means, “leaf” (young) in Korean. "

I have 3 of these dolls myself

What draws me to these dolls is the fact that they are so customizable. From their wigs down to even changing the type of body they have. You could basically break down a pullip and build it back up to meet your own needs.

The only type of customizing I have ever done is with my Pullip Alice(originally a craziia):

The original wig she came with looks beautiful in pictures, but in person it was a nightmare. The wig wasn't fully attached to her head. Plus the wig had bald spots, making it impossible to style. So I decided to customize my newest girl. I bought a wig off of ebay. When the wig came I swapped it using this tutorial. Here is my end result:
My beautiful Alice with a cute blonde bob. I'll eventually have to obitsu her since she has severe body staining and a couple loose limbs.

Since I gave Alice a decent amount of attention in this post, I should post pictures of the other two members of my family.

and Coraline(who was a my first Pullip)

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