Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When picking out a Lolita outfit, one of the things I consider outwear. One of the outwear staples for me is the cardigan. I love cardigans, I have many and I consider myself a cardigan whore. So it’s a no brainer that I am going to be wearing them with Lolita. But there are a few guidelines I follow when picking out a cardigan to wear with a Lolita outfit.

It’s a good candidate to wear with Lolita if:
-short, preferably to longer than waist length. Although longer cardigans look good with more A-line skirts and dresses. But nothing longer than your hips.
-Fitted. A fitted cardigan will look much neater when put in a Lolita outfit than a baggy one. I prefer my cardigans to conform to the outline of my outfit, and not just hang.
-Looks good opened and closed. I like to wear cardigans both opened and closed. I even wear then with one or two buttons closed on the top

It’s not a good candidate to wear with Lolita if:
-Unisex. Most times, if it’s unisex it won’t conform to the outline of the outfit underneath. A unisex garment isn’t made to hug a woman’s body(well dur hur hur)
-Long. A long cardigan usually means poof killer

Examples of good cardigans that can be worn with Lolita:

Why is this cardigan good?:
-Just short enough not to interfere with skirt poof
-Can be worn open, but with a top closure.
-It’s fitted, not baggy, so it’ll look neater when paired up with Lolita. As opposed to wearing a baggier sweater.

Why this this sweater good?
-Again, fitted.
-Not incredibly long
-Can be worn closed or open with one or two buttons closed

Bad examples of cardigans that shouldn’t be work with Lolita:

Why is this sweater a no no?
-It’s double breasted. It’s just my opinion, but double breasted sweaters don’t look good with lolita
-It’s long
-It’s unisex.

Why is this sweater a no no?

-It’s long, which means it’ll be a poof cock blocker

This entry is simply my opinion, you don’t have to agree with me. You can wear whatever you want. The last thing I want to do is sound preachy about sweaters.


  1. Great post! I love cardigans with Lolita.

  2. Nice post and I agree with you, except for the double breasted thing, that's more personal taste ^_^ but no you don't sound preachy! :D