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For the past month, a mystery source has been posting wildly unsettling nature themed videos on youtube and sending them to various online alternative/indie music websites. The source behind these three videos, named Iamamiwhoami. The videos include what looks like a human adult fetus swimming in amniotic fluid with an umbilical chord, limbs hanging out of trees swaying, and a provocative video of a blonde mud covered woman licking a tree. The video’s soundtrack are atmospheric electronic music. Many websites are speculating to who it could be, by ways of adding up the numbers assigned to the videos, looking at the figures in the video, and by throwing out who has an album coming out this year. The videos have people stumped and intrigued, even mtv picked up the story.

The suspects

Christina Aguilera
Seems like a weird choice. But she does have an album coming out this year, and she has worked with Ladytron and Goldfrapp on this album.

Why it can be her:
-She said her album is inspired by the birth of her son. And birth is one of the themes for the videos.
-The blonde in the video kinda looks like her, but it could also be a model and not the singer herself.
-Her reps deny it left and right, why deny something that could be her?
-If you add up the letters in the video they read
699130082.451322 = - ch ag CHristina AGuilera = i.a.m.i. - i am i = i.t.s.m.e.c = it's me c
But that could be just a coincidence
-she’s no strangers to making strange artistic videos, such as her video for Fighter(even though that might be more of director floria Sigismondi’s doing). So she’s open to the idea of doing something out of the box.
-The biggest piece of evidence pointing towards her, the image above. It was uploaded by the German Sony BMG website under "Christina Aguilera Promo."
-The owl in one of the video's is from another video called "Birds Of Prey", the title of a Christina song off her upcoming album.

Why it can’t be her
-These videos are a little weird to be coming from a platinum selling pop star. This could be billboard poison for her.
-If she were doing this, she’s not fully investing herself in the image. She’s shown up to the Golden Globes and the Haiti telethon looking as normal as ever.
-The first single off her new album is called Glam, and these videos are anything but.
-why would she be sending viral videos to indie music blogs? Unless she wants to reach a new audience.

The Knife
I love the Knife, I really do, but this is just weird enough to be them.

Why it can be them:
-They just did an opera based on Darwin, so it matches the theme of the videos.
-Expect the unexpected from The Knife.
-The music sounds like something they would put out.
-They haven’t put out an actual new album in some time
-This has Fever Ray written all over it

Why it can’t be them:
-The music doesn’t match the music that appears in the opera

-Karin just did the Fever Ray album


Why it can be them
-new album coming out this year
-new album, Senior, is suppose to be much more mellower and darker than their previous album Junior. "Senior is a forthcoming album from Norwegian duo Röyksopp, set for release in 2010.[1] The album has been described as an introspective, withdrawn, atmospheric counterpart to energetic Junior."

Why it can’t be them
-They’re still promoting Junior, why start promotion on a new album when you’re not done with the prior
-Senior is slated to date later this year, so why start in January?

Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails

Why it can be him:
-Trent has hinted at a new project slated for 2010
-He’s no stranger to strange videos
-Also, no stranger to viral marketing

Why it can’t be him
-The videos seem to sexually charged to be Trent. He hasn’t really made a obviously sexually themed video since “Closer”

Unlikely suspects/long shots

Why it can be them:
-the usage of owl images is very Goldfrapp
-the music screams Goldfrapp
-Goldfrapp certainly isn’t shy when it comes to sexual images. This is the same band they their front woman regularly simulated sex with back up dancers and a theremin.
-New album is called "Head First", birth reference maybe?

Why it can’t be them:
-New album is very discoy, unless they’re releasing two albums this year.

Sigur Ros

Why it can be them:
-new album coming out supposedly coming out this year(I doubt it) that is described as “The music is also described as melodic but much less noisy and more "out there" than previous albums. The as yet untitled album is expected to be released sometime in 2010.”
-Their videos are indeed out there.

Why it can’t be them:
-Like previously quoted, their new album is less noisy. So this could lead them out.
-They tend to like to work mostly with instruments, not electronics.
-They’re not known for making THIS sexually charged type of videos. Yes they make some strange and beautiful videos, but the videos kind of throw off the Sigur Ros radar.
-They’re on hiatus while Jonsi promotes his solo album, Go. So a new Sigur Ros album may be some way away. Leaving them out of the equation for this viral bullshit.

Whoever it is, they have me stumped. But I do get a very Norwegian/Swedish/Danish vibe from the music in these videos. I do also think it’s impossible for this to be a new artist, unless it’s a new side project from an already established act, the production value on these videos are to high to be from someone just starting out.

Another band that I would probably put money down on is Aphex Twin. The weirdness of the videos and music scream Aphex Twin to be. They’re no strangers to weird videos:

And to end off this post, I leave you with the mystery videos in question

The videos seem to be posted every two weeks, so we have a few days before the next clue if the pattern keeps up.

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