Monday, January 18, 2010

new baby print(and on time!)

Baby uploaded a new print last night for reserve called "Very Berry Sweet Pie." When I first clicked the page I thought "Oh from far away, this looks just like Angelic Pretty's Magic Whip."

Then as I got up to the closer shots of the print, my face went from :/ to :(

wtf is this baby? Was some fabric store having a sale on table cloth fabric!?!

a proper gif reaction to the new print


  1. Ugh! Why Baby! That fabric looks so cheap. It's like they are trying to keep up with the Classic trend, but also trying to stick with the Sweet trend. The cut of the dress is lovely though, I really love the neckline.

  2. Baby is having a really bad identity crisis I think. The cut of the jsk looks good, but the ribbon on the neckline reminds me of something anna house would do to their dresses.