Sunday, January 10, 2010

New York Comic Con outfit prep

It's 10 months away, I know I'm early. New York Comic Con takes play starting October 8th. That gives me plenty of time to prep possible outfits for all three days. This will be my third year going all weekend, and probably the first that my 14 year old brother is going to come all three days. Last year I intended to wear lolita, but lack of time and procrastination canned that idea. So this weekend I started compiling ideas on what I could wear that weekend. Also factoring in a few points such as:
-comfort. the convention will be hot and crowded
-I will be traveling by public transportation for two out of the three days. So what garments will I feel most comfortable traveling on the ferry and subway in
outfit 1

this outfit consists of
-Princutess op
-target cardigan
-pink flats(maybe not secret shop....but definately something of this style and color)
-white tights

I like this outfit because it's light, so it won't be a bother in the hot convention center.

outfit 2

-meta jsk
-kamrt blouse
-bodyline socks
-same pink flats(I'll probably wind up wearing the same shoes for 2 days lol)

I would wear this outfit for the fact that the jumperskirt is soooooo comfortable. If it was available in all colors still I would buy them.

outfit 3

-lolita lola rocking horse
-rose melody jsk
-kidsyoyo blouse
-foot traffic tights
-princutess bonnet

This outfit is a definate, and will be my pet project for the next few monts. I will be modifying the bonnet with royal blue roses to match the tights.

outfit 4

-btssb skirt
-anna house blouse
-secret shop socks
-pink flats
-bodyline bow

outfit 5

-bodyline skirt
-annahouse blouse
-pink flats
-secret shop socks

outfit 6

-pink flats
-kmart blouse
-bodyline cardigan
-btssb jsk
-secret shop socks
I already have most of this outfit, minus the cardigan. If I can't make something suitable hair wise, I'll probably just wear a beret with a pin.

At this point accessories are up in the air. For the next 10 months I'll probably be either making them or buying them piece by piece. Although I do have plans on making some accessories for outfit number three that include royal blue roses. It'll probably also be the outfit worn when I get a ride, because there is no chance in hell I'm wearing rocking horse shoes on the subway.

Outfit four and five are really going to be the battle of the sweet coordinates, I'll only wear one and not the other. I would love to wear ott-sweet for one day.

Currently, for these coordinates I need
-pink and black cardigans
-white tights
-black rocking horse shoes
-pink flats
-black headbow
-secret shop socks(if needed)
-jester tights
-pink blouse
-black long sleeve blouse
-bodyline socks

-black and pink wristcuffs

When it comes closer to convention season, I'll probably write a survivors guide to conventions. With the same tips my veteran con going Dad passed down to my Sister and I.


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