Friday, January 22, 2010


(picture is REALLY unrelated, it just makes me go :D)

Lately I have been thinking about what exactly I want to do with this blog that I would look back at in time and go "Oh hey that was pretty cool." So I hope to do the following:
-Interview lolitas, most likely in video format(which means I have to make more loli friends ;__;). But I don't want to ask lolita questions, but stuff that really out of left field and funny...but lolita related. Stuff that would come up in everyday conversation.
-Feature more reviews. I have stuff coming in from dollcrops, rose melody, and kidsyoyo so they'll be the start or the review-a-thon.
-Put a little more humor in this bitch. There needs to be more humorous loli blogs.
-More video games posts. It's the major free time consumer of my life, why not write about it?

I'll probably figure out more, but this is it for now.

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