Thursday, February 18, 2010

art project/inspiration:rubies and ballet

In Apring I will be taking part in the NYC Lolita Storybook photoshoot. This year's theme is ballets, and my character is Ruby from the abstract ballet "Jewels." For my outfit, I'm taking the abstract thing and running with it. I just need to pick out an appropriate dress for it(since I was itching to buy a red dress anyway might as well.)

I love the way the Kidsyoyo dress looks in sunglight, but I'll probably never wear it again. I already love the BTSSB one. The Anna house ones are ok to me.

For make-up, I'm using Bjork as an inspiration:

Just not as covered.

I want to get a pair of thigh highs and decorate them with jewels. Plus I want to make a neck piece that is COVERED in red shiny things.

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  1. This sounds very cool, your outfit is going to look awesome. I saw the post on EGL and wished I lived closer to NYC and also knew anything about ballet XD It just sounds like such a fun project.