Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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Kidsyoyo and Qcute have wasted no time in churning out a replica of AP’s recently released Marionette Girl line. This is the fastest I’ve ever seen a line go from brand release to Chinese seller replica, in the Lolita fashion world that it. At first, I was ready to jump at the chance of dropping cash on a replica of one of AP’s better lines in recent months, and a very hard one to come by at that. On auctions, I’ve seen Marionette Girl listed for 40,000 yen and higher, that’s $444 USD. Same goes for AP’s Carnival series, another dress that Kidsyoyo has replicated and goes for only a fraction of it’s auction price.

As of right now, I’m not as interested in the marionette girl replica. I love replicas, trust me I do. But when the carnival replica was released, almost every Lolita photo post of a meet included one or two girls wearing the carnival replica. So will probably be the case for the marionette girl replicas coming out. So for the few months expect to see a who lot of this dress.

Maybe down the line I’ll get it, if it’s still available and when the hype has faded. But right now I’m gunning for that adorable sheep print from baby, because I love fulfilling the Little Bo Peep stereotype that lolitas have XD. Or I may just say f it and order it when it shows up for preorder.

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