Sunday, May 1, 2011


This semester has completely turned my brain to mush. Never again am I taking three art history classes in one semester. I'm trying to dedicate the next couple of days to finishing my research paper/presentation for my Renaissance art class. The paper is on Fra' Fillip Lippi and Jean Fouquet's portrayal of the Virgin Mary. Which both were modeled either after their own lover, or the mistress of someone very close to them. The project is trying to make some correlation between the artists being influenced by women who either they consider beautiful, or someone close to them considering to be the most beautiful woman. Or if it's just a step in the evolution of the way the Virgin Mary was portrayed in the Renaissance. Let's face it she sure looked a lot better in the Renaissance than in any other time period before hand.

Plus the paintings are pretty

This isn't my point of interest in terms of art history. But since my college's art history program is in shambles right now, I'll take whatever classes they offer until I can graduate and apply for grad school.

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